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A wide spectrum of amino acids found in collagen aid to develop healthy, Shiny skin & strong hair follicles and Glowset-M aids in nourishing the nail bed, promoting its health and growth, and giving you stronger, healthier nails. Your skin gains elasticity from the necessary protein, making it seem more elastic and young. There is evidence that collagen redueces joint discomfort as well.


Each 15gm Powder contains
1. Marine Collagen Peptides 8000 mg.
2. L Carnitine 50 mg.
3. Biotin 40 mcg.
4. Vitamin C 80 Mg.
5. L-Methionine 50 mg.
6. Hyaluronic acid 50 mg.
7. Selenium 0.09 mcg.
8. Vitamin D3 600 II-J
9. Zinc 17 mg.
10. L-Glutathion (Reduce 100 mg)


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